Haze is four individuals ready to take music to the next level. It won't take you long to realize that Haze brings high-energy, talent, and creativity to the table at every occasion. The sounds and styles of the music range in many directions so be prepared to hear something new at all times. So far, Haze writes, records and creates all aspects of the music by themselves (unless noted). Haze is constantly playing new shows and releasing new material so stay connected for updates and news for the future. Like our FB page: and Follow us on Twitter:@ThatHazeMusic

Haze is:
John Woodbine @JHazeNine(Facebook) - Drums, Vocals, Beats, Sound Engineering and Production
Ryan Vigliotti (Facebook) - Bass, Vocals, Beats, Co-Production
Dave Woodbine (Facebook) - Keys, Vocals, Beats
Will Eddy (Facebook) - Guitar, Backup Vocals

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Haze is:

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Follow us on Twitter:@ThatHazeMusic


Taking music to the next level.